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Beginners / Refresher Screen Printing Course

This course follows a 1:1 format rather than as a class, this makes the best use of the studio space and ensures that you can be taken through the process step by step.

You will be shown how to prepare and coat a screen using photo sensitive emulsion, while the screen dries you will be given advice on positioning your pre-prepaired screen positive. The screen will then be exposed and cleaned to reveal your stencil. The couse will focus on single colour printing although you will be shown how to mix water based textile ink to match a pantone color of your choice.

The print will be tested a number of times on news print to give you time to get used to the feel of flooding the screen with ink and pulling the squeegy to create a print, once you are comfortable with this and happy with the result you can choose to print of specialist art paper and or textiles in the form of linen tea towels or organic cotton t-shirts. Pleas state your size before the course to ensure availability.

Included in the course price are 2 sheets of fine art paper, 2 tea towels or 2 t-shirts or 1 of each, additional items can be purchased on the day or you can bring your own with you.

Courses dates available during the week (Mon - Thursday and some Saturdays) 10am - 4pm (approximately) you will be contacted by email to confirm your chosen date.

Digital art work needs to be provided 2 week before the course date so that screen positives can be produced in readiness. Hand drawn images need to be scanned an altered in illustrator to be solid black in colour.

It is also possible to hand draw your design on to acetate rather than printing but the image must be solid black so no light can pass through the line of the image (the more opaque the better the quality of the stencil).

Your design needs to fit within an A4 or A3 frame. The tea towels are 45cm wide by 65cm long, you cannot print edge to edge you need to leave a minimum of 2cm around your design. The absolute maximum, print size is ... T-shirts will obviously require a smaller design normally positioned three fingers below the neck line. If you are producing your design digitally it may be helpful to use a digital mock up to help guide you. If you choose to create your screen positive by hand then use a t-shirt that you have at home.

Please let us know the exact size you want your image to be ahead of printing. Your artwork should be set to 100% black, with a resolution of at least 300dpi, all layers should be rasterized, vector based artwork will give the clearest image for an acetate based screen positive.

Accepted artwork formats arte as follows .ai (Adobe Illustrator) .psd (Adobe Photoshop) .pdf (Portable document Format) .bmp (Bitmap)

If you are not confident with the process of turning your hand drawn image into a digital one then an art work perfection service is available at £25 per design, a digital mock up will be sent to you for approval ahead of printing.


Parent and child textile printing course (children must be age 8 or over) - Help your child create thier own t-shirt design and print using block printing & or screen printing techniques with watrer based textile ink.


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