Linen Colours

Please see the below swatch guide for the linen fabric colours available.

Please note that due to variations in device we cannot guarantee that our online colours will look the same on all screens, if it is important that the colour of the fabric is exact we recommend ordering a sample first.

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  • Arctic Linen

    Arctic Linen

  • Asphalt Linen

    Asphalt Linen

  • Black Linen

    Black Linen

  • Deep Blue Linen

    Deep Blue Linen

  • Dove Linen

    Dove Linen

  • Duck Egg Linen

    Duck Egg Linen

  • Dusty Rose Linen

    Dusty Rose Linen

  • Fig Linen

    Fig Linen

  • Forest Linen

    Forest Linen

  • Gold Leaf Linen

    Gold Leaf Linen

  • Gold Rose Linen

    Gold Rose Linen

  • Griege Linen

    Griege Linen

  • Hazy Sky Linen

    Hazy Sky Linen

  • Khaki Linen

    Khaki Linen

  • Mustard Linen

    Mustard Linen

  • Oatmeal Linen

    Oatmeal Linen

  • Old Rosa Linen

    Old Rosa Linen

  • Pale Blue Linen

    Pale Blue Linen

  • Persian Blue Linen

    Persian Blue Linen

  • Plum Linen

    Plum Linen

  • Pure White Linen

    Pure White Linen

  • Sapphire Linen

    Sapphire Linen

  • Tornado Blue Linen

    Tornado Blue Linen

  • White Linen

    White Linen

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